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Steve Phillip

Speaker, Suicide Charity Founder

Steve Phillip was a successful leadership and sales coach and corporate speaker, heading towards semi-retirement, when, in December 2019, he received a call that would change his life forever; his 34 year old son, Jordan, had taken his own life.

Within 12 months of this life-changing experience, Steve established The Jordan Legacy CIC to provide hope to people who are feeling suicidal, by engaging all those who share his ambition to move toward a ‘Zero Suicide Society’.

With a following of more than 56,000 people on LinkedIn, Steve delivers impactful and inspiring talks, like his keynote presentation; ‘The ‘S’ word’, using his own lived experience and insight to help others spot the signs that someone might be struggling with their mental health and how to provide support to those who are feeling suicidal.

Steve delivers talks on the topic of suicide awareness and prevention to corporate organisations, charities, education centres, the Police, the Military and other organisations and community groups throughout the UK and overseas, including policymakers in various UK Government departments.

If you are looking for a speaker who can inspire your organisation to engage with the often taboo topics of mental health and suicide, not by sharing a tick box list of actions you can undertake but through a story of hope, fuelled by real lived experience, then book Steve to speak at your next conference or event.


“Your talk made such a difference. We immediately saw lots of people come forward and explain how they were struggling with their mental health. We referred many of them to occupational health for support.”

“Steve’s interactive and informative presentation, on a very challenging subject, was fantastic and one of the most attended sessions we have run this year. It was an emotional journey and truly humbling to watch Steve at work.”

“I spoke with several parents following your talk at the school, who said they were physically impacted by your words and would be changing their behaviours toward suicide prevention in future.”

“I received a number of messages and emails immediately after the talk saying how grateful they (our employees) were for the session, and most importantly how they felt that Steve’s story was so raw and inspirational.”

“Steve’s presentation was not only heartfelt but also masterfully navigated the delicate topic of suicide prevention. The authenticity with which he shared his insights and experiences resonated deeply with the audience, creating a space for open dialogue and reflection. His ability to address such a challenging subject with sensitivity and empathy is truly commendable.”

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