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Burlesque Mentor, Author, Songwriter

The world’s a stage, step into the spotlight!


Sapphira is a heart-centred burlesque singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, author and business coach who believes in positive thinking.

The creator of World Burlesque Day, she has a global perspective on the opportunities for mental health recovery using theatrical and creative tools.

Her initiative, the World Burlesque Academy App, reaches students in 57 countries and has subscribers in over 20 countries. It is Sapphira’s experience overcoming bipolar and healing damaging cues from religious trauma in her youth instilled by a strict and separatist Christian Brethren sect that has led her to develop a link between mental health recovery and burlesque.

Her tumultuous life has now been published as the book ‘Burlesque or Bust’ and will soon become a major motion picture signed with Ultra Films she has reached a media audience of 1.5 billion speaking about her story on TV, film, radio, podcasts and in high profile magazine and newspaper features.

She has taught over 20,000 people the art of burlesque in person and online and has also facilitated corporate workshops that are wellbeing-focused and workplace appropriate.

A two-time festival director, an original co-founder of the Australian Burlesque Festival and the sole founder of the Ibiza Burlesque Festival, she is a proud advocate for burlesque worldwide.

With a knack for thinking creatively, Sapphira used her songwriting skills and reworked the lyrics of some favourite show tunes devising the fun YouTube series ‘My Heart Belongs To Branson’ successfully reaching the Virgin Group magnate, Sir Richard Branson.

Over the years, her corporate supporters include; Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Benefit Cosmetics, Illamasqua, Esther Williams Swimwear, Crazy Horse Paris, Billich Gallery and Macmillan Publishers.
The butterfly is her emblem of transformation and recovery.

Sapphira has an authentic edge and brings humour to her story when she speaks on topics including – leadership – doing things differently – finding authenticity in vulnerability – wellbeing tools for day-to-day life.

She has also been a guest facilitator and artist at – Monash University – Dublin Burlesque Festival – TalkTV – Macmillan Publishers.

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