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Paul Vittles

Facilitator, Counsellor, Speaker

Paul has had a highly successful career designing and delivering transformational change projects and initiatives. 

He’s now focused on one of the great transformational change challenges of our time – suicide prevention or, more specifically, getting the suicide numbers on a downward trend, towards zero, from the current level in the UK of more than 6,000 preventable deaths by suicide every year. 

Paul’s professional journey as an economist, researcher, community engagement practitioner, consultant, coach, counsellor, and transformational change facilitator, included director-level roles in some of the world’s biggest companies; growing his own research-and-engagement-based consultancy business with up to 50 people; working in government and for large privatised utility businesses; and working in collaborative partnership with a diverse mix of for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. 

Alongside this, Paul’s personal journey includes living with mental illness for more than 20 years; burnout, breakdown and life-threatening crises; his first experience of suicide loss in 1980; his family’s most recent experience of suicide loss in 2020; a complete lifestyle change and relocation to Australia for 15 years; and another complete lifestyle change and mental health reset in relocating back to the UK. 

Paul is a Research Fellow (FMRS), a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, a Fellow of The RSA (Chair of RSA Australia & New Zealand 2008-2015), a first-class coach and counsellor (trained in loss & grief counselling as well as conflict resolution & relationship counselling), a highly sought after workshops and events facilitator & MC, and an award-winning public speaker.

As a result, Paul brings a unique combination of skills, knowledge, experience, ideas and enthusiasm as he creates and delivers his talks and workshops, tailored to the needs of you, your organisation, and your audience. He’s also a performance poet who does Imrov comedy (good for your listening skills!) and has been known to break out into song!

Paul can cover many different topics due to his breadth of knowledge & experience, and his transferable skills, but – these days – his focus is on three modules, which are summarised below. 


“Excellent presenter with real substance and great content, very well-researched.” 

“Tailored to the audience – not a ‘standard’ presentation.”

“Brilliant at answering questions in the Q&A – some speakers can do a stunning prepared, rehearsed presentation but then are poor at answering questions but Paul is excellent at both.”

“Great keynote presenter and also fantastic on a panel discussion or podcast interview because Paul listens carefully to the questions, then answers the questions, drawing from his vast professional and personal experience, including giving really good examples, case studies, data, and ‘lived experience stories’ to support his points. Highly recommended.” 


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