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Lildonia Lawrence

Equality & Diversity Trainer

Lildonia is a wellbeing coach and equality and diversity trainer. Having worked in the field since 2010, her specialist interests are BIPOC wellbeing, anti-racism and equitable health provision. Her passion stems from her belief that everyone, especially those facing social exclusion, deserves access to top-tier mental health and wellbeing education. As a wellbeing and social justice advocate, Lildonia offers support through workplace training, group programs, and personalised coaching. Lildonia helps organisations develop their Racial Justice, Equity, and Diversity (RJEDI) approach and supports businesses in becoming truly inclusive. 


“This year we took a social justice approach to our EDI learning, and it added a really important perspective to our conversations, allowing us to consider how the concept of race is a social construct, incorrectly based on assumptions about physical and ethnic hierarchy, and yet remains an inherent principle in how our society works in the UK. It never felt more important to be making an action plan about how we think differently at LMK.” Deirdre Kehoe, LMK’s CEO

“Normally, when emails offering services are sent around, we as a school ignore them, as there is always a catch or the service offered isn’t worth the time and effort. I can truly say this is the best support we have received, and Lildona was so knowledgeable, kind, and helpful that, as a school, we have changed our whole pastoral workings and improved so much! Fantastic, and thank you.”

“Lildonia has been very supportive and provided ideas and advice in putting together the package for the projects we are undertaking, which we wouldn’t have been able to do without that external provision.”

“Lildonia’s feedback was lovely, and lots of learning occurred. I liked the pace; the trainer was brilliant and confident, very interactive, and there were lots of opportunities for personal reflection. This was training that was well worth doing. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for a lovely course today. It has given me a lot of things to think about and work on. It has really made me think differently about how I can and will start setting up my boundaries, and it has encouraged me to think differently about opinions! Thank you so much, Lildonia.”

“Lildonia is an amazing coach; she helped me understand how I could take time out of my busy day to look after myself, which has made a great impact. She also helped me create an action plan for where I wanted to get in my career and would check in to see how it was going. When things didn’t work out well for me, she helped me improvise. I’ve really enjoyed working with Lildonia and cannot thank her enough for her support as a coach.

“Lildonia is friendly and approachable, and from my first session, I immediately benefited from speaking with her about some life and work-related stresses I was facing. She listened, understood, and helped me to refocus and reprioritise – which was like a light bulb moment for me. Very soon, we were listing out small changes that I could implement in my day-to-day life. A month later, I feel less stressed and more in control. It really opened my eyes to how important it is to speak with someone professionally for support. I highly recommend reaching out to Lildonia.”

“Lildonia, without exaggerating, this one session was truly life-changing.”

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