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Leo Telford

Author, Student

Leo is a 20-year-old trans man and student at the University of East Anglia, studying Sociology, with a view to going into teaching. Leo has A-levels in Sociology, Politics and Business. He’s had a part-time job since he was 14 and now works at a local health club in Bedford.

Since speaking on behalf of Mermaids at the Lloyds Bank Rainbow Alliance conference as part of a panel at age 15, Leo has spoken at several events at Lloyds and for Sage as part of their Trans Day of Visibility company-wide presentations. Leo also wrote a series of blogs for Gender GP for the duration of roughly 1 year and did a podcast for them. He was also featured in an article for I News and took part in a documentary with Sky News about puberty blockers. The interview is no longer available, but there is a link to the follow-up article.

Leo and his mother, Gemma Telford, both took part in the Transparent Love exhibition at the Southbank Centre, London, in 2019. This was a portrait series of trans children with their parent(s) taken by Amanda Searle. This exhibition was put on by Mermaids and later shown in Portcullis House, where a group of us met with MPs, including Lord Michael Cashman, and discussed both the exhibition and issues facing trans people today. It was also viewed by Emma Watson, as shown by this image posted on her Instagram page. The photo used of us in the exhibition is the one chosen for the cover of this book. We also took part in a documentary regarding gender diversity in schools in 2018.

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