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Joy Langley

Stress Management Coach/Therapist

“Stuff happens in life, but you can turn your stress into your strength.”

Joy Langley

Joy Langley graduated with a degree in chemistry and business in the 80s and then became a qualified secretary and personal assistant for 10 years for an IT company, fashion company, and music company (but it was depressing!).

Joy found the job of her dreams at a record company and was made redundant a few years later. But she embraced it and formed an indie PR/Music company with her then-boyfriend and her sister. During this time, her depression went away.

She became a trainee therapist in 2002 after her long-term relationship broke up. She spent a bit of time wondering what to do next with her life. She decided she never wanted to get depressed again. The key was learning how her mind worked.

Joy retrained as a life coach and therapist, worked for a college counselling students, and set up a private practice in 2012.

She now has a business that coaches entrepreneurs and founders, helping them to improve their psychological, mental and emotional strength.

Joy has had a personal experience of grief. She lost 5 close family members within 4 years of one another – her 23-year-old son Jaye to suicide, her elder sister and her daughter to cancer and her 88-year-old mum and 88-year-old dad.

Stuff happens, but Joy has learned to turn her stress into strength.

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