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Joy Hibbins

Founder, CEO of Suicide Crisis Charity

Joy Hibbins is the founder and CEO of Suicide Crisis, a registered charity that runs an award-winning Suicide Crisis Centre in the UK.

The Suicide Crisis Centre has attracted international recognition, including from the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, which commended their work and described it as “inspiring”.

As part of running the Crisis Centre, she has supported clients in suicidal crises for a decade. Joy has regularly been featured talking about suicide prevention on national television and radio, including on BBC Breakfast News, the BBC 6 O’Clock News, Sky News, BBC Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 5. She has also been featured in national and international newspapers, including USA Today.

Joy had designed suicide prevention training packages for the police, NHS services and charities, sharing the unique methods, ethos and approach of the Suicide Crisis Centre. Joy has lived experience and professional expertise: she experienced a suicidal crisis herself in 2012. Unable to find the kind of help she needed, she worked to set up a Suicide Crisis Centre to help other people.

The charity won an award for its Suicide Crisis Centre at the UK Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards 2021. Joy was named in the Queen’s New Year Honours List in 2019. In 2018, she received the Janey Antoniou award celebrating “extraordinary achievement in fighting stigma and discrimination and bringing about change.”


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