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George Mycock

Researcher, Campaigner and Podcast Host

We too often strive to have others recognise our ‘strength’ when really we should aim to have the ‘strength’ to not require recognition.

George Mycock

I am a researcher, PhD candidate, podcast host, campaigner, and lived experience worker.

I bring an in-depth knowledge of research underpinning eating disorders, exercise addiction and body dysmorphia in men, particularly the muscularity-oriented variants.

I have worked with a wide range of charities and universities on developing guidance, training, policy and research for health, sport and physical activity sectors.

I have delivered talks and training to university staff and students, sports and exercise coaches, and psychological healthcare clinicians working in the NHS and Private sector.

My knowledge not only comes from my understanding of the theoretical and research underpinnings but also from my lived experience as a man and an exerciser who experienced disordered eating, exercise addiction and body dysmorphia around muscularity.

As my subject areas often revolve around men and boys, I am also interested in men’s mental health, particularly the influence of masculinity and how changes can be made to help embrace and mould positive forms of masculinity within healthcare, fitness and sport.

Most of my work has been via my role as the Founder of MyoMinds, a mental health organisation that works to improve knowledge and awareness of exerciser mental health, doing so via numerous avenues, including the MyoMinds Podcast.

I also come from an applied background, as an ex-personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, with my MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, so I have an understanding and empathy for the practitioners that I often work with to encourage more utilisation of mental health support.

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