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Gemma Bell

Author, PhD academic

Gemma’s zeal for life comes from losing her father to cancer when she was a teenager. She wants to live her life to the full by helping others through grief and proving there is a silver lining to loss; it makes you stronger and resilient and cherishes every moment and everything.

Gemma found running outside and spending time in nature a way forward in her journey through grief. There are studies supporting the fact that exercising in fresh air benefits your mental health, and Gemma’s PhD focuses on expanding this knowledge.

Her book “Running with Robins: bereaved not broken” gives an insight into what she experienced as a teenager when her dad was diagnosed with cancer and died when she was 17.

Gemma channelled her sadness into running races, including London Marathon, raising money for charity. Gemma turned her pain into something positive.

She believes she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to write a book and help others without losing her father. It’s given her a new career path which is fulfilling.

She believes walking and talking is one of the best medicines for grief and feels this should be promoted and taught more in schools and universities worldwide. It shouldn’t be taboo, young people need to vocalise their grief, and nature can undoubtedly help them feel better.

With Gemma’s experience in overcoming grief and academic background, she wants to lead the way in transforming the services provided, which young people can turn to during the process of losing a parent to a terminal illness.

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