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Fiona Thomas

Author, Writing Mentor

Life is about learning when to hold on and when to let go.

Fiona Thomas

Fiona’s squiggly career path from music student to catering manager to freelance writer and published author – is proof that it’s OK to make mistakes, change your mind and grow into your identity at a pace that defies societal pressures.

Throw in a mental breakdown, depression, anxiety, coming out as a lesbian and getting divorced into the mix, and it’s fair to say that Fiona has experienced many of life’s challenges.

Her passion is sharing what she’s learned with a wider audience, slowly but surely, empowering people to be themselves.

Her books cover themes of depression, anxiety, living and working online, corporate life, freelancing and recovery. Through her own business, she spends her days facilitating budding writers via workshops and 1:1 mentoring, incorporating therapeutic writing techniques and spiritual practises such as meditation, tarot reading and following the lunar cycles.

Fiona has spoken publicly about mental health for Stylist Live, BBC Radio 5, Conway Hall, as well as local schools, libraries and online co-working spaces.

As a freelance writer, she’s a regular contributor to the mental health publication Happiful, as well as bylines in Metro, Reader’s Digest, Hello!, Grazia and Healthline.

In the past, she has been featured in Forbes, iNews, Refinery29, and Psychology magazine and collaborated on writing projects with Mind and Heads Together.

Out of Office was shortlisted for a Business Book Award in 2020 and called a “brilliant one-stop shop for all your freelancing needs” by Emma Gannon, Sunday Times Bestselling author of THE MULTI-HYPHEN METHOD.

Chloe Brotheridge says of Work it Out, “so many people will find comfort in this book.”

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