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Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo

HCPC Registered Psychologist

Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo is a HCPC Registered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of The British Psychological society. She has over 20 years clinical experience in mental health, neurodivergence, disability and human behaviour. 

She is the Founder & Director of The Conversation Starter Project CIC which is a grassroots Community Wellbeing Project tackling loneliness, emotional health and physical wellbeing in Sussex and She has a particular interest in supporting the voluntary sector though this work.

Tara is an is an accomplished broadcaster and media expert globally and the host of The Adversity Psychologist Podcast. She has a keen interest in the ethics of mental health provision and regulation of mental health psychologists including the dissemination of information via the media and social media. She has been involved in many innovative collaborations with the aim of bringing good quality mental health knowledge to the public. 

Dr Tara worked in the NHS for 15 years before setting up her own private practice in Sussex. Her extraneous roles include Specialist advisor for the CQC, Clinical Reviewer for NHS England and Volunteer for the British Red Cross. 

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