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Dr Pamela Macdonald

Trainer For Supporters of People with Eating Disorders

Dr Pamela Macdonald is a research psychologist, coach and trainer, as well as has lived experience supporting someone with an eating disorder.

She is a passionate advocate of evidence-based research that equips carers with the appropriate information and tools that will help them best support their loved ones through their eating disorder.

Dr Pamela has worked with Professor Treasure and her team at King’s College, London since 2006 on the development of skills training interventions for carers of people with an eating disorder.

Having had personal experience of the regular emotional challenges that can impinge upon the functioning of the entire family at different points along the recovery path, this has undoubtedly impacted and shaped her work in training and educating carers of people with eating disorders.

As well as holding a PhD in psychological medicine (Eating Disorders), she also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and Life Coaching Diploma from the UK Coaching Academy.

In recent years, she has been actively involved in supporting carers of people with eating disorders using the principles of motivational interviewing, as well as the supervision of peer mentors and befrienders in their own work with people with eating disorders.

Dr Pamela has also co-edited a Clinicians Guide with Professors Janet Treasure and Ulrike Schmidt, written a handbook on How to Help Someone With an Eating Disorder and contributed to multiple peer-reviewed papers in the academic literature.

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