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Bethan Christopher

Body Literacy & Empowerment Coach

Bethan Christopher is an artist, author and empowerment coach. She is the author of the 2008 body esteem book, Grow Your Own Gorgeousness, featured in the Times Educational Supplement and Elle Magazine.

She later went on to create the Gorgeousness Programme, a thought-provoking, interactive experience that challenges teen girls to see themselves and their bodies in a new light.

This delivery was turned into the Rebel Beauty For Teens book, published by Welbeck in 2021. Bethan has been working in the coaching field for 20 years, specialising in goal setting, positive mindset, creativity, body literacy and personal empowerment.

She’s worked with families, parents, professionals, artists in the creative industries, London-based homeless youth aged 16-21 and school children between the ages of 8-18.

She co-wrote the Life Wheel Programme, an addiction recovery programme that was rolled out on the IOW for over four years and was funded by Public Health. In 2021, she founded the Bopha School Project, an ongoing girl’s empowerment and education delivery for Cambodia’s most disadvantaged children, which continues to this day.

She coaches, writes, makes art and facilitates creative and coaching spaces for people looking to live creative, embodied lives. Bethan holds a diploma in Life Coaching, is a Goal Mapping Practitioner and has a certification in the Rewind Technique.


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