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Alex Holmes

Mental Health Coach, Author, Award Winning Podcast Host

We openly talk about illness, and we openly talk about death, but we try to avoid talking about mental health or suicide. No one whispers, ‘He died of a heart attack,’ but there seems to be a need to whisper, ‘He took his own life.’ Someone very close to you could be dealing with depression right now. Would you even know?”

Alex Holmes from Time To Talk

Alex is mental health coach and trainee psychotherapist, specialising in the mental health of men. He creates conversations that matter to men, and those that love them, and is a leading voice for men’s mental health.

Alex’s debut book, ‘Time to Talk: How Men Think About Love, Belonging and Connection’ debunks lingering myths around masculinity, love and connection by exploring what causes this sense of loneliness.

An award-winning podcaster, featured in British GQ’s top Podcast of 2021, Alex’s weekly talks have become a guiding light, and love letter, to all the men who have lost their way and to all the women that love them. 

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