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Adam Shaw

Founder of TriggerHub, Worldwide Mental Health Advocate

“I could not just recover in silence; I had an obligation to pass this knowledge on to other sufferers worldwide. So my top tip is to tell your story, no matter what it is, because someone, somewhere in the world, will be grateful you did.”

Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw is an entrepreneur, worldwide mental health advocate, philanthropist, and author. From age five, he has suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety, panic attacks and related depression. Now in recovery, he has vowed to help others suffering from the same debilitating illnesses.

Adam believes everybody has a story to tell. A story that, if shared, can give coping tools and power to someone else and make a positive impact. This is the reason he wrote a book, stepped into the world of publishing and created the world’s largest independent publisher in the mental health space.  

Adam pioneered modern bibliotherapy, the go-to pillar of mental healthcare and recovery through books and lived experiences. To harness this development, he created TriggerHub, the world’s first on-demand mental health platform empowering the capabilities of bibliotherapy. 

He set up the Shawmind charity, which has successfully lobbied to legalise compulsory children’s mental health education at schools in the UK and founded Cherish, the self-publishing platform service enabling mental health sufferers to turn their lived experiences into books.

Across all my businesses, he and his team work with experts, psychologists, doctors, and coaches. But their biggest asset and differentiator is the real people sharing their stories and understanding and creating hope and compassion. 

Adam is proud to represent brave authors who put the “human” face on mental health issues and continue to make a tangible impact on others’ lives. 

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