Andrew Jenkins

I survived a devastating car accident at just 21 years old, pronounced dead on the side of the road. I defied the grim prognosis given by doctors after spending four weeks in a coma. Despite predictions of severe brain damage and permanent disability, I not only regained consciousness but was able to walk and talk. […]

Gemma Telford

Gemma is a 52-year-old trans parent and self-employed marketing consultant who has worked for over 20 years in the technology industry, helping technology businesses go to market in the UK, Europe and globally. Her business website is Before being self-employed, Gemma worked in senior marketing roles for technology vendors, including Palo Alto Networks, a […]

Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo

Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo is a HCPC Registered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of The British Psychological society. She has over 20 years clinical experience in mental health, neurodivergence, disability and human behaviour.  She is the Founder & Director of The Conversation Starter Project CIC which is a grassroots Community Wellbeing Project tackling loneliness, emotional health and […]