Dr Ranj Singh

Inspiring, fun and engaging — not words often associated with science and medical experts, yet Dr Ranj combines all three with infectious enthusiasm. Ranj is a TV personality with a difference: a flourishing NHS clinician, specialising in the wellbeing of young people; and an exciting on-screen talent who can turn his hand to any subject. […]

George Mycock

We too often strive to have others recognise our ‘strength’ when really we should aim to have the ‘strength’ to not require recognition. George Mycock I am a researcher, PhD candidate, podcast host, campaigner, and lived experience worker. I bring an in-depth knowledge of research underpinning eating disorders, exercise addiction and body dysmorphia in men, […]

Michelle Morgan

“When we have a good understanding of mental health, we’re less afraid to talk about it and we have better and braver conversations as a result. It’s about confidence and capability. We break stigma, we get help and sometimes we even save lives.” Michelle Morgan Michelle is an inspiring award-winning entrepreneur, leading mental health advocate […]


The world’s a stage, step into the spotlight! Sapphira Sapphira is a heart-centred burlesque singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, author and business coach who believes in positive thinking. The creator of World Burlesque Day, she has a global perspective on the opportunities for mental health recovery using theatrical and creative tools. Her initiative, the World Burlesque Academy App, […]

Alex Holmes

Alex Holmes

We openly talk about illness, and we openly talk about death, but we try to avoid talking about mental health or suicide. No one whispers, ‘He died of a heart attack,’ but there seems to be a need to whisper, ‘He took his own life.’ Someone very close to you could be dealing with depression […]

Dr Dominique Thompson

Dr Dominique Thompson

“We are all human and none of us has all the answers in life, so asking for help from others, reading about useful approaches you might try, and talking about your struggles is a good way to start improving your wellbeing.“ Dr Dominique Thompson Dominique is an award-winning GP, young people’s mental health expert (with […]

Hope Virgo

“Research has shown that the sooner a person gets help, the better their chance of recovery. […] We need to make sure everyone feels listened to and realise that it’s not only about weight or physical appearance: an eating disorder is a mental illness.” Hope Virgo Hope Virgo is an author and multi-award-winning campaigner for […]